1st Cruise Guide

Everything you need to know BEFORE your 1st cruise!


You can avoid most simple mistakes!

Find out what every FIRST TIME CRUISER should know!

We've compiled this guide from a list of questions our first time clients have asked over the years. Now you can learn what they know!

Don't make some of the same mistakes many rookies make.

Included in this 27-page guide:

Learn which cruise lines are right for YOU.

Each cruise line has its own demographic targets. Learn which ones match your preferences.

What you need to know about health and safety.

Learn about seasickness (and "sealegs") and the norovirus, and how the cruise industry has minimized problems with both.

Our Tips & Tricks.

Throughout the guide we'll give you some of our best tips and tricks from over 25 years of sailing to ensure you have a smooth sailing.

Understanding "all-inclusive" and what it means on a cruise ship.

Some people are surprised to learn that bottled water and soda are not included on many ships. Learn what "all-inclusive" really means.

Are beverage packages worth the money?

We'll help you understand beverage packages and how you can decide if they are right for you.

Planning tips to get your ready for your 1st cruise

Some careful advance planning will ensure you have a happy and enjoyable cruise.

... and much more. Plus we'll send you our 9-part email series which covers an additional nine more important topics. These will be sent every third day so you won't be overwhelmed.

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This guide will answer most of your questions about cruising, and probably questions you hadn't even thought about. The guide is FREE. Plus feel free to contact us with any other question you might have. We love to share our knoweldge!